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King of Atlantis

Feature film

Language: Swedish

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Theatrical release 1st of March 2019

Screenplay: Simon Settergren, Ursula Fogelström

Director: Marina Nyström (Shoot Director), Soni Jorgensen (Editing & Post-production)

Cast: Simon Settergren, Philip Zandén, Happy Jankell, Katarina Ewerlöf

Producers: Emma Creed, Simon Settergren, Soni Jorgensen

Production companies: Filmweaver, Intergalactic Partners & Drama Svecia


Based on a true story. When the young Simon, who takes care of his schizophrenic father, meets a young girl it becomes problematic to break free as his father is convinced he is the King of Atlantis.

Available on VOD SF Anytime


King of Atlantis on IMDb

RECENSIONER (Reviews in Swedish)

Go to distributor Folkets Bio for press info

Little Match Girl

Short film

Genre: Drama

Screenplay: Soni Jorgensen, Björne Larson

Director: Björne Larson

Producers: Kim Magnusson, Soni Jorgensen, Oliver Oftedal, Jesper Böcker

Cast: Shree Crooks, Gustaf Skarsgård, Rebecca Ferguson

Companies: Björne Larson Film AB, Swiss International & Intergalactic Partners

Financial support by the Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Jenny Gilbertsson

Premiere: August 1, 2018 at LA Shorts International Film Festival

AWARDS: Winner of best film LA SHORTS International FF

More awards and info:

Based on H.C. Andersen's story about a little girl selling match sticks to survive. 

Little Match Girl on IMDb

Miracle Man

Feature film

Writer, Producer: Soni Jorgensen

Status: In development

Based on a short story by the Swedish author Peter Kihlgård.


Original TV Show

Genre: Dramedy

Format: Procedural, with a serial arc

Status: In development


A tough Danish female ex-cop turned Private Investigator solves other people's problems while struggling to solve her own.

In development:
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